International Trade

We have selected established premium brand baby and childcare products from worldwide markets and are able to supply them at competitive prices to distributors, retailers and individuals in both the UK and Russia/CIS countries.  Acting as agents we are able to broker individual deals and manage the risks associated with international trade - particularly where partners are uknown to each other and have different requirements in terms of payments and legislation.

Based on our unique knowledge of international trade, we have identified several areas in which we can add value to the traditional supply chain.

For Manufacturers and Suppliers:

  • Entry into UK, Russian and CIS markets with less risk (all dealings are with a UK registered company)
  • Ability to offer pre-payment on goods
  • Certification, Shipping and Taxation are managed by Rockferry Ltd
  • Marketing support
  • Language gaps and cultural differences bridged

For Buyers:

  • Ability to supply unique products with strong sales from European market
  • Flexible payment terms (up to 90 days credit from delivery date)
  • Transalation of packaging and technical information
  • Marketing assistance to stimulate sales
  • Potential for exclusivity in specified markets
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